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Want to make a great record and have fun doing it?

Hi, my name's Dominic and I want to help you make great sounding productions and share a lot of laughs along the way. I've been fortunate enough to record, mix, and produce some truly amazing artists and I don't intend on stopping any time soon (that means I want to work with you too). Take a listen to some of my previous work and please, request a quote if you'd like to work together as well!

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Preproduction is an essential and often overlooked element of the record-making process. Simply put, the more prepared you and I are, the better, faster, and more enjoyable the work will be.
I make a point to attend your rehearsals (when appropriate) before our recording session, listening and talking with you about your vision, your history, and your inspirations.
This gives us a chance to get to know each other and get ready for the best session possible.



I’m fortunate enough to work out of some truly fantastic studios. Together, we’ll find one that suits your needs and budget.
This is, undoubtedly, my favorite part of the process, I love exploring tones, being inspired by performances, experimenting with micing techniques, and everything else.
No two sessions are ever the same, and you want someone who can adapt the technology to work for you and your creativity, and that's what I aim for.
Whether we're trying to recreate a live performance or stretch our imaginations beyond reality, I'll be excited to plug in the microphones and turn up the speakers.


Just as no two recording sessions are the same, neither are any two songs. I believe that every composition has its own unique identity and the mixing process where we can make sure it shines.
Whether we recording your song together, or if your song was recorded elsewhere, I'm happy to help you create an engaging mix to draw your listeners in.
Mixing should make a song feel true, to its creator and to itself, which is why I keep this process as open and collaborative as you want. You decide how involved you want to be and I'll take it from there.



Producing a piece of music is a privilege and not something that I take lightly. 
I approach production from a place of collaboration and conversation, it's your record, it should come from you. Ultimately, my job is to help you create and channel the best form of your art. 
In addition to my personal services, you will also have access to the network of incredible (I mean it!) musicians that I work with and hold near and dear.
Let’s make something!

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I think a unifying aspect of making records together is listening and sharing the music we like. Here's a playlist of what I have playing when I'm not working on a project.

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